Anglophone crises: "general action man" and others neutralised.

Col. Matiang Charles Alain explaing to the generals details of the operations

Over 20 Amba fighteers have been neutralized and their camps destroyed by Elements of Cameroon's defense forces  under the command of Colonel Matiang Charles Alain commander of the 51st Motorized  infantry Brigade.
 Following different separatist attacks in Galim, Kouchong, Baminjim, Bangorain, targeting police and gendarmerie posts recently, soldiers on special operation descended to these localities to fish out the seperatist fighters. These attacks led to the death of at least 8 persons (4 elements of defense and security force and 4 civilians). In response, a special operation was carried out in the villages of Bangolan, Babessi and Bambalang and it's environs  in the Ngoketunjia division to fish out the pepetrators.

 As a  result of  the special operation, 11 Ambazonia Terrorist camps were destroyed in the mentioned villages and it's environs, over 20 Amba terrorists including the so called "General" Action Man who led the attack on Galim, were neutralised. The so called "general no pity" is seriously wounded and on the run. The operation lasted 5 days.

The stock seized comprised of 34 Dane guns, 8 engine boats, bags of marijuana, 3 generators, sheets of zinc, military uniforms, helmets, handcuffs, mobile phones, "odeshi" and other material. And these were presented to the two generals and the population of Bangourain in the Noun Division, West region on Wednesday the 18th March 2020.

Speaking during the presentation of the stock collected, Colonel Matiang Charles Alain revealed that it wasn't an easy task as they had to stay in the bushes for five days and trek distances of about 40km,  to clamp down on the separatists
In response, Brigadier General Nka Valere saluted the bravery and professionalism of the defense and security forces  who went for the mission. He added they did a great job, but their work is not complete until they get "general no pity" dead or alive and bring back total peace and normalcy to the North West and South West Regions.  The two generals equally congratulated the population of Bangourain and their vigilante groups for their collaboration with the defense forces and called on  them to stay focused and alert. He urged them to report any suspected individual or terrorist activities to the military.

During their visits to the various command  posts that came under the attacks, the commander of the 5th joint military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere and his colleague of the 5th gendamerie region, Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine Nnoko  addressed the soldiers, and asked them to stay focused on their mission and enforce vigilance within the defense force. On the other hand, they asked the population to collaborate with the defense forces and build vigilante groups that will keep their immediate communities free from the atrocities of these terrorists.

While at the gendamerie brigade and police post in Galim, the two generals were briefed with first hand information on how the assailants carried out their attacks. They equally took stock of the damages caused by the separatist fighters and measures that have been put in place to prevent future attacks.

The two generals listened to the challenges of the defense and security forces and promised to solve them or channel to their respective hierarchy for immediate intervention. General Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine equally adviced them on what security reinforcement measures to be taken amongst which was the creation of defense posts at all strategic corners around the brigades.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang


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