Governor Adolphe Lele L'afrique calls on the population to respect the 13 measures to fight against COVID 19

Governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique has called on the population of the Northwest region today Tuesday, 31st March 2020 to do all to respect and implement the 13 measures put in place by the Government of Cameroon and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This was his key message at every stop of his tour around some travel agencies and markets in the region.

The governor equally commended the effort of the medical team that has been at the entrance of matazem since Saturday the 21st of March to screen all passengers entering the region and declared that the screening exercise is for everybody, the drivers, passengers, civil servants, security men and women etc, no one excluded.

Governor and entourage at Matazem

He called on the population to strictly respect and implement the 13 measures set in place by the Government and the World Health Organization (WHO). He appealed the population of the North West Region to do all for the virus not to enter the region, given the fact that we have been suffering the sociopolitical crises for four years and if the virus has to add to that, it will be a catastrophy upon catastrophy. In that light, they should stay at home, they shouldn't travel except very necessary, respect social distancing, and all the other hygiene and sanitation measures set in place like washing of hands regularly, sanitizing, keeping their immediate environment clean etc. And if any suspected case, they should inform the health personnel for the case to be taken to the quarantine centre at the level of the Regional hospital.

He equally told the population the head of state is very much conscious of the magnitude of the situation and is taking measures to equip our health facilities to fight this global pandemic.

The Governor leading by example

The Governor also visited some travel agencies to evaluate their level of implementation of the 13 preventive measures.
At Amour Mezam, Moghamo and Vatican Express, the Governor wanted to see for himself if the 1 meter social distancing is being respected for the sitting positions of passengers in all vehicles leaving the region and if hygiene/sanitation and the other preventive measures are being respected. At the respective stops at the agencies and in the markets, all irregularities noted by the governor were immediately addressed by the multisectorial team that made up his entourage.

Governor collecting sample sanitizers for control

At the Bamenda main market and food market respectively, the governor collected some sample sanitisers that were being sold for them to be tested and controlled at the North West Fund for Health to see if they are good ones. In this vein, he called on the population to be on the alert for fake sanitizers that have flooded the markets. He also sounded a warning on those producing fake sanitisers that they will be brought to book according to the law.

The isolation centre for COVID 19

From the markets, his next stop was at the Bamenda regional hospital where he was shown the isolation centre and briefed on the measures put in place by the director of the hospital, Dr. Denis Nsame to handle suspected cases of the virus if any in the region. The isolation centre known as solidarity ward is fully equipped and has all it takes at the moment to fight against the virus in the region.

Dr. Denise Nsame briefing the Governor on the functionality of the isolation centre

At the North West fund for Health, the Governor was briefed by Dr Richard Fondoh on how they prepare and distribute the sanitizers of good quality as prescribed by the minister of public health to the public and on the basics they have place to fight the pandemic in case of any suspected like chloroquine, nose masks, infusions and other drugs. He equally urged the population to be on the safe side and avoid fake products by getting their sanitizers and other basic drugs from the pharmacies, health facilities or the fund itself.

Dr Richard Fondoh briefs the Governor on what the North West Fund for Health is doing to fight COVID 19

The Governor ended his tour by urging the population to play their own role even as the government is playing its own role, so that together we all can combat this corona virus.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang


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