Over 3000 passengers entering the town of Bamenda have been screened for the Corona virus following a health sensitization campaign carried out, this Saturday March 21st 2020 by the North West Regional delegate of Health Doctor che Kingsley Soh and his team of experts.

The regional Delegate of Public Health NW

 The sensitization campaign and screening exercise took place at Matazem Santa, Northwest Region, with a team of medical experts led by the NW Regional Delegate of health who screened passengers of all the Buses entering the town, an exercise that began at about 4am.

 The aim of the outing was to sensitize the passengers on all the measures they need to respect to avoid the virus and the measures put in the place by the government to stay free of the virus, for instance, no overcrowding, respect social distancing, always wash your hands with running water and soap, and in case of any suspected symptoms, get to the hospital immediately.

 The regional delegate equally debunked the fake news that was making rounds on social media that there are two suspected cases in Bamenda. The north west region as at date has no suspected case of Corona virus.

 The Regional delegate told the population, the North West Region has launched a war against the Coronavirus and assured the population this is just the beginning of the sensitization campaign, they will further take it to Prisons, markets, churches, palaces and all public places that regularly hold more than 50 persons.

 Victory Marshal Ayafor Basang


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