Minister atangi nji exercising his Civic duty

MINAT boss, minister  Atanga Nji and North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique   joined some of the electorates of Bamenda up station polling centre this morning to exercise their Civic duty in respect to the February 9th parliamentary re-run.

It Should be noted that after the  9th February twin municipal and legislative elections, some  opposition parties like the  United Democratic party (UDP) of Lawan Bako's and Ni John Fru Ndi's  Social Democratic Front (SDF)  filed in petitions.

These petitions were attended to by the constitutional council, in late February and a re-run of the parliamentary elections in some Constituencies of the North West region of Cameroon was announced. In respect to this decision, 10 constituencies were affected and elections were cancelled in some parts of the North West Region.

arriving the polling centre

Minister Paul Atanga Nji arrived the polling station at  about 9:55am this morning and cast his vote at exactly 10:03am. Governor Lele l'afrique Tchoffo Deben on his part casted his own vote at exactly 10:06am.

In his key word to the media men and women, minister Atanga Nji said;

facing the press

"Our Civic duty of voting is a legitimate exercise and every citizen is expected to go out and vote to make the choice of those to represent us in the parliament. The MINAT boss added that, the Head of State who convened the electorate just respected the Constitution,  the electoral agenda is being respected and so far, so good.  To him, that is the best way to exercise healthy Democracy. Those who are exercising their Civic duty of voting are doing so for the construction  of the Nation."

Victorymarshal Ayafor.


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