North West Region records its first confirmed case of COVID 19

Dr Che Kingsley Soh presenting the health state of the region

The regional delegate of health for the North West, Dr Che Kingsley Soh announces first confirmed case of COVID 19 in the region in Andek sub Division (Ngie) of Momo division. She is a woman (names withheld) who came in from Kenya and escaped quarantine in Douala, then travelled to bamenda, then to mbengwi, from where she took a bike to her natal village, Ngie, in Andek sub division. 

The news was made official during the regional COVID 19 assessment meeting of Monday April 6th 2020 presided over by Governor Lele Lafrique to assess the health situation of the region, update the population on the state of the pandemic in the region and take crucial measures on fighting the pandemic in the region.

Current statistics shows, the pandemic has eaten into five (Centre, Littoral, West, South West and North West) out of ten regions of the republic as at date with 650 cases, 9 deads and 17 recoveries. And for statistics on case management in the region, we have so far had 5 suspected cases;
- the first from nkwen Baptist hospital, that is presently confined in the solidarity ward of the regional hospital awaiting results of sample collected and sent to centre pasteur.
- the second suspected case from Ring land clinic foncha street, a 29 years old male who came in from douala to see his friend who came in from the USA. He is presently confined in the COVID 19 solidarity ward, his sample has been collected and sent to centre Pasteur awaiting the results.
- The third case was again from nkwen Baptist hospital who came in from bafoussam. The regional delegation for health was notified when this case had died already. The corpse presently confined in an isolated place in the regional hospital mortuary and sample collected from the corpse and sent to centre Pasteur for testing and awaiting results before corpse can be released to family.
- the 5th case was from mbingo Baptist hospital, a 42 years old female who came in from foumbot.

So in total, the solidarity ward of the regional hospital has in confinement three suspected cases awaiting results from centre Pasteur. And the other case confined in the isolation ward of mbingo Baptist hospital awaiting results too.

After a series of measures and recommendatios, the governor wrapped up the meeting with a strong word that, the population should obligatorily wear their facial masks as instructed by the minister of health when going out of their homes. And above all intensify on respecting the 13 measures of the Government and the hygiene and sanitation preventive measures of WHO. The population should stay home and stay safe and should travel or go out only when necessary obligatorily wearing face masks as instructed by the Minister of Public health.

As for the confirmed case, all measures are being put in place by the administration and the regional delegation of health to transport her into the solidarity ward of the regional hospital as soon as possible so that she does not stead the virus all the more to her loved ones and immediate community. And to equally trace the bus and vehicles she used, all the passengers who were on board and every other person she has made contact with.

VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang


  1. Bizarre its well jjesus is lord of this nation n has won over wickedness n manipulation

  2. How will someone escape quarantine!!?..if no drastic measures are taken now...we risk more cases..

  3. This is high degree wickedness. How can you sneak your self into your own country, escaped qwarantine,just to go and infect your own pple. God will never forgive you.


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