Bamenda: Population rejoices as Military neutralizes Fonteh aka "General" Mad Dog

Fonteh Lucas Ndefru a.k.a "General" Mad dog

There has been jubilations in Bamenda in general and Ntamulung in particular following the killing of ambazonia fighter Fonteh Lucas Ndefru also known as "general" Mad Dog by a special squad of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, in the early hours of Sunday September 6, 2020.

The mortal remains of Fonteh at city chemist round about

Many inhabitants who spoke to Mincomnews NW at the scene expressed deep satisfaction and relief that general mad dog was killed.

A resident of Ntamulung Quarter who requested not to be named explained that her brother had to run away from Bamenda after threats from Fonteh.

"My brother had to close his business and run to Douala. Thank God he is now doing well. Lord thank you for this day." the resident exclaimed.

"So yi too for fit die?" A passerby shouted in pidgin English

The death of the amba 'general' was more of a relief to the Bamenda city dwellers of as sources holds that he was a thorn to their flesh due to the numerous atrocities he had committed even before the start of the anglophone crisis.

Fonteh is believed to have masterminded several robbery attacks and assassinations in Bamenda, beating people, seizing goods and property and forcing others to flee.
It is believed his most recent atrocities were the robbery incident at the Mitayen Cooperative Credit Union in Bamenda, the killing of Treasure that made rounds on social media and the Killing of Bikolo, a police inspector on patrol.

It was because of these numerous atrocities, that the commander of the 5th Joint Military region put in place a special squad to bring the criminal death or alive.

When his corpse was later deposited at the City Chemist roundabout in Bamenda, Brigadier General Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine of the 5th Joint Military region and 5th Gendarmerie region, Regional delegate of National security, Commissioner of Police, Gousmo Emile and other security top officials visited the scene to see things for themselves.

It is not particularly clear where he was killed before his corpse was deposited at the Bamenda City chemist roundabout.

Speaking to Press men shortly after, General Nka Valere said the death of "Mad Dog" is a call for celebration to the security and arm forces given that he had been wanted for more than five years.

General Nka Valere speaking to the Press

General Nka Valere also said that, the population has to overcome fear and say NO to ghost towns and lockdowns.
"We have followed a certain Capo Daniel on social media calling for ghost town. This is the end of ghost town. The population has to stand up and say enough is enough. We have taken all the measures to make sure that Bamenda will be clean in the nearest future", General Nka Valere said.

Recently, the mayor of the Bamenda City council, Achobong Tembeng Paul, signed a municipal order restricting the circulation of motorbikes within the city of Bamenda. General Nka Valere used the occasion to call on the bike riders to respect that order to the fullest.
"It is for the security of the bike riders and the benefit of all that this decision was taken. We have to make sure that it is respected. We are going to make sure that the measure is strictly implemented", he cautioned.

Nji Nelson/Tedji Djoulde


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