Colonel Boum Bissoue, Regional Delegate, freed captives and families.

The two students and other freed captives  from the Ntankah Military raid of Saturday, February 6th 2021,  were this afternoon handed over to their respective families, by the commander of the North West Gendermarie Region, Colonel Boum Bissoue. These families couldn't hide their joy, for getting back theirs in one piece. This was done in the presence of the Principal of the school the students attend and the Regional Delegate of secondary Education for the North West, Mr Ngwang Roland. The families thanked the military for the great job well done and promised their unflinching collaboration and  support behind the military to crack down terrorist activities in the region. The freed  hostages reunited with their families after a night full of torture and beating, spent in a seperatist camp at Ntankah. 

Father of the freed Students

In his word to the press, the father of the two freed students, Genney and Gerald  expressed his joy reuniting with his children and appreciated the military for the timely intervention. 

"At 4pm I got a call from an unknown person to send 300,000frsCFA to solve a situation which I told the person I didn't have. Later, the person called back saying my children are in the camp and dropped. All attempts to reach the person after that call failed. I went into prayers and I trust God used the timely intervention of the military to free my children. I will continue sending them to school because I am an educated man who knows the value of Education and anyone standing against education is an enemy to humanity". He recounts.

The Regional Delegate of secondary Education with the freed Students

The Regional Delegate of secondary education, on his part, appreciated the professionalism of the defense and security forces in rescuing the hostages.

 "I got the news from the Legion commander who informed me of successfully recovering some of my students from a separatist camp in Ntankah. I was very devastated, given that I was just recovering from a situation where five of my students were kidnapped last week in oku and kept by separatists for one week. They got released yesterday. The  increase kidnapping of students and teachers is disturbing. As we speak, over 70 teachers have been kidnapped and tortured from the start of this 2021 school year and these two freed students sums up the number of kidnapped students to 20. I was so happy hearing the defence and security forces have rescued my students in one piece.  That alone shows professionalism. I am greatful". The Delegate recounts.

Colonel Boum Bissoue salutes the increased collaboration of the population 

Speaking to the press, Colonel Boum Bissoue, commander of the Northwest Gendarmerie Legion, congratulated the increasing collaboration and support of the population and asked for more and more collaboration from them, so that we all can together stamp out seperatist activities in our communities. He equally stated that, this operation and many others  were successful all thanks to the fact that the population hinted them and furnished them with intelligence. He appreciated the support gotten from the them so far and urges them for more collaboration. "These days, the population has just been collaborating and helping us crack down terrorist activities in the region. I want to call on the population to conquer fear and be whistle blowers for the defence and security forces and let us know anything around as quick as they notice and we will do the rest"  Boum added.

By Biame Bleezie


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