A mix detachment of defense and security forces made up of the army, gendarmes and the police carried out military raid at a seperatist camp in Ntankah, Mankon. An operation in which  4 seperatist fighters were neutralized, 4 others captured  and some 4 hostages freed from captivity. The freed hostages comprised of 2 students, and 2 men who all acknowledged the timely intervention of the military on Saturday February 6th 2021. One of these hostages was hit by a stray bullet but is fast responding to treatment at the hospital.
This happened  in the early hours of February, 6th 2020, where the defense and security forces hit unannounced.  For the balance sheet, the operation harvested 2 Ak47,  6 automatic rifles, 4 pistols, artisanal guns, canons, gun powder, phones, fetish items, marijuana, IEDs  and other items have been seized by the military.

General Nka Valere holding one of the seized automatic rifles

Genney and Gerald, students of G.B.H.S Bayelle explained how they got captured: 
"We left school and when we reached mulang, some boys intercepted our bike and when the bike man noticed it was the boys, he tried to escape, but they beat him and seized us from him, took us to the camp blind folded. They locked us in their cell, tortured us, beat us with a cutlass and asked why we were going to school but we didn't  answer them. They gave us food but, we rejected" Genny explained " They asked for a ransom and when the bike man tried to call our parents, they refused to talk to them. we slept on bare floor and their main problem was with us attending a government 
school" Gerald added.

Student recounting their ordeal in captivity

Hartman one of the male victims also recounted his ordeal " My brother in wum sent his wife's grade one documents through a bike rider who called me to come collect the parcel, as I got the envelope and was on my way back, I noticed some bike boys following me. They caught up with me, took and searched my bag, saw the documents and took me to this their camp blindfolded. They asked my family for Ransom and were told there is no money. They 
tortured me, beat me with a cutlass under my feet and we were locked in a cell where we slept on bare ground".

A section of the destroyed camp

During the operation, led by Major Onana Conrad, 'general Lion' and 3 of his boys were neutralized, his  wife with whom he has two kids arrested.  The camp located at Ntankah was completely destroyed by the military.

Some of the items harvested

Speaking to the press, The Commander of the 5th joint Military region, General Nka Valere and the commander of the 5th Gendermarie Region, Generals Ekongwese Divine Nnokko Stated their Mission is clear: to protect the population and their properties. And in the course of carrying out their mission, anyone functioning on the wrong side of Justice as an  adversary goes down for it. There is no war, the raid was to deliver the hostages given intelligence they received. The two Generals equally commended the increased collaboration and support of the population and urged them to be more and more collaborative to help crack down seperatist activities in the region. They equally added that their timely intervention on this given operation and many others was successful all thanks to intelligence they received from the population.

By Biame Bleezie


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