Operation Bui Clean: General Nka Valere salutes bravery of security forces, cautions them to espect Humanitarian Principles

The Commander of the 5th military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere has appreciated the work done by soldiers during the military operation code name "Bui Clean".

For 33 days Operation "Bui clean" headed by colonel Matiang Charles Alain with over 300 men had as mission clean up the entire bui Division and her environs. The operation which started on May 15, 2021 permitted the troops to get to the hideout of seperatists within the Division which is considered to be the epicenter of seperatists within the northwest region.

At the close of this operation, the Commander of the 5th Military Region Brigadier General NKA Valere was in Kumbo chief town of the Bui Division to assess the work done on the field.

Brigadier General Nka Valere

While presenting the result of the over 32days operation, Colonel Matiang Charles Alain said the operation was not easy just like the previous operation in bui given the topography which made it very difficult to access some of the area. Equally the cultural tied of the people made it difficult for communication and many other factors however a good number of separatist fighters were neutralise amongst them some renown amba Generals within the area. Weapons, motormike, gallons of illicit fuel were size among other material

On the side of the military, 4 soldiers lost their lives and some others were wounded and are presently being treated.

The army General use the ocasion to reiterate the call for the population to collaborate with the military so as to put an end to the fight.

The Senior Division Officer for Bui, Lanyuy Harry said that Kumbo which used to be the largest town in the North West Region after Bamenda interms of the Economy and other factors has greatly been down since the escalation of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions. While appreciating the work done by the security forces, he also appealed to the army General to help equipe the military with new and solid equipment such as Cars which can easily access some remote areas and that number of soldiers be increase.

This is the third time that the military is carrying out major operations within Bui division. The first major operation was "Ngokebui", followed by "Operation Bui 1" and now "Operation Bui Clean". Dispite all this operations, Separatist fighters in Bui have proven to be resistant as their activities are still felt on the ground.

In May 2021, the convoy of North West Governor came under serious attack with explosives planted along the way. Gunshots erupted at the St Augustine College as Bishop Nkuo celebrated his 40th anniversary of his of Priestly ordination.

Since May 15th, the soldiers have been in Bui that has seen a gradual return to economic activities though hampered by several extortions and kidnaps.

The operation failed to capture the dreaded General No Pity who has caused the deaths of several soldiers in Bui, Ngoketunjia and the neighbouring West region. General Nka told the soldiers to keep watch.


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