Fai Simon Tamfu taking oath of office

The first ever Public Independent Conciliator for the North West Region has taken oath of office. The oath taking ceremony took place this Thursday July 8, 2021 in the North West Court of appeal, Bamenda, up station.

Presiding officials of the oath taking

The ceremony took place at the North West Court of Appeal, Bamenda and the oath of office was administered before their Lordships ; Sonkem Ngale Mborh, Vice president, Nchu Julius Cheo, Vice President, Njukeng George, Vice President, with Solange Kindeh as lead Registrar in Attendance. His appointment comes as a fall out of Cameroon's Major National dialogue of September 30th to October 4th 2019 and his office comes alongside the creation of a regional assembly; an exclusive administrative set up to the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon included in the Cameroon Special Status package.

His Lordship, Sokem Ngale Mborh

In a word of encouragement from his Lordship, Sokem Ngale Mborh, Mr Simon Fai Tamfu has been called upon to adopt an open door policy, work with tact, objectivity and forthrightness, persuasion and win win settlement out of the courts amicably. There is no way development, unity and progress can be achieved without peace. So in carrying out his peace making and conflict resolution mission in the North West region, he should have every citizens' interest at heart without any partiality or favouritism.

According to section 368 of law No.2019/024 of 24th December, 2019, his mandate as Public independent conciliator is a one time mandate, not renewable that ends in 2027.

VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang


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