Total Energies AFCON 2021: Mascot "Mola" in Bamenda


The population of Bamenda, North West Region on Thursday, December 16, 2021 received  in ululation, the official Mascot of Total Energies African Cup of Nations ( AFCON) 2021.

Mola was recieved, on behalf of North West Regional Governor by Viang Mekala, Secretary General to the said Governor's Office at the Governor's Office courtyard before handing him over to the population for jubilation. Mekala, infront of a cross section pressmen at the Courtyard of the Givernor's Office, thanked President Paul Biya for having worked tooth and nail to have Cameroon host AFCON 2021. The Governor's representative equally hailed the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi for having thought and included North West in the Masot parade itinerary despite the fact that North West does not have a pool for the play of AFCON 2021.

On his part, this time around at the Esplanade of the Senior Divisional Oficer for Mezam' s Office, on behalf of the population of North West, the City Mayor to the Bamenda City Council, Paul Achumbong gave his blessings for a win of the coveted trophy by the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. He ended with a plea that after the win, Bamenda town should be considered as the first town in which the Cup would be lifted up in presentation to the public for celebrations.

After giving the father of the Region' s blessings, Mola was handed over to the population. In tight security given the socio-political imbalance in the region, the population with Mola, paraded the streets of Bamenda from Upstation, to Finance Junction, Mrs Ngeng Junction, City Chemist Roundabout,  Commercial Avenue, to T junction through Old Town back to Upstation

Dressed in Green Red Yellow, in honour of the Nation's flag, with his face and head covered with a wool-like artificial lion's head in symbolism of Cameroon's National team, Mola at each stop, like a top-notch player demonstrated with the ball in dribbling simulations.

On each side of the streets through which Mola toured, the population in an ant-like manner had defied the insecurity odds,  standing elbow-to-elbow to welcome Mola.
Surprisingly, there were seemingly timid applauds as the population with Mola celebrated and passed by. Many wondered why the population would come out in their numbers and would not cheer as Mola passed by. Others opined that many a person was afraid to be tagged "blackleg" or "government's hand clappers".

Planned to go round all the 10 regions, Mola having been presented to the population of Centre, Littoral, South West, North West regions, left Bamamda on December 16, 2021 to continue the same rituals in the West Region on December17, 2021.


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