North West: Public Independent Conciliator Officially Launches Activities

Activities of the office of the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) for the North West Region have officially kick-started following an inauguration of PIC’s office on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 by the Governor of North West Region, Adolph Lele Lafrique. 
The launching ceremony took place at the office premises in Bamenda I,  up-station, North West Region with Governor LeLe Lafrique, the Head of State’s representative cutting the inaugural ribbon. 
Governor Lele Lafrique giving his launching remark

In his launching remark, the Representative of the State assured North West PIC that, the North West Region is fully behind him to accompany him to fulfill his mission in the Region. He called on the North West population in general and the North West Regional and local councils and those interacting with both the Regional and local councils to make good use of the new office as an additional tool to pacify the region. He finally assured the North West Public Independent conciliator; Mr Tamfu Simon Fai that the Governor’s office is ready at any time need arises to help PIC in the accomplishment of its assigned task.
Pioneer North West PIC, Mr Tamfu Simon Fai

On his part, the PIC pioneer boss, Mr Tamfu Simon Fai highlighted that the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) is an Ombudsman between Regional Assembly and the local councils. That is, (s)he is an independent and impartial authority mandated to address issues, abuses and conflicts arising from the functioning of decentralized entities. 

The Public Independent Conciliator is a new institution of the State created by law no 2019/ 024 of the 24th December, 2019 to institute the General code of Regional and local authorities.  The Law prescribed the following, inter alia, as PIC’s mission:
Examination and amicable settlement of disputes between users and regional council administration, defending and protecting rights and freedoms in the relationship between citizens and the region or the councils of the region, design and implementation of measures to prevent and combat  any direct or indirect discrimination against users of regional or council services, ensure both the Regional Assembly  and council administrators fulfill their ethical obligations, conduct any investigations on the functioning of the regional and local councils at the request of 05 parliamentarians or 05 regional councilors, prepare annual reports on the state of relations between citizens and the regional and council services.  
Cross section of invitees in attendance of the inaugural ceremony

The North West Public Independent Conciliator reiterated that the law does not mandate his office to treat complaints between private individuals nor arbitrate on land and chieftaincy cases.
Remarkably present at the event that drew over 500 persons from all the nook cranny of the North West Region were: a cross section of the press, top notch administrative authorities within the region, the civil society, forces of law and order etc.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang


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