COVID -19 Vaccine Campaign:North West Multi-sectoral Regional CommunicationTask Force Strategises ForJab Scale-up

Regional Delegate of Communication giving a welcome address

The North West Regional Multisectoral Communication Task Force for the fight against COVID-19 pandemic has fine-tuned  different communication stategies to peck-up COVID -19 jabs right into the rural areas. 

This was during a one-day advocacy and capacity building meeting  organised by the Regional Delegation of Communication, North West and sponsored by Breakthrough, Yaounde. The one-day information workshop that held at the Conference Hall of the Regional Delegation of Communication, North West on February 16, 2022 was presided at by the Task Force Chair, Njike Celestine Atadebe who doubles as the Regional Delegate of Communication for the North West.
Representative of Plan International giving her input

Speaking during the meeting, the Regional Communication Boss intimated that the newly created Communication platform which is multi-sectoral is aimed at using the  various communication Focal point persons of the different institutions represented in a bid to criss-cross into the suburbs of the region for more COVID -19 jabs. This, because for some time now, it has been observed that many more persons are becoming more and more reticent to go for vaccines. He furthered that the main focus of the platform is communication for behavioral change for an increase in vaccine reception while reminding the population to continue respecting Government 's prescribed barrier measures.

In order to render communication for the assigned task effective and more efficient, Njike Celestine drilled attendees on types of information disorder: misinformation, disinformation and mal-information which can lead to infodemic. He rounded off his discourse by advising the different institutions represented to come up with different communication strategies that will reflect the local realities of the region.
Raoul Saho, giving the situational statistics of the virus in the Region

On his part, Mr Saho Raoul, the Communication Focal Point person for the Regional Delegation of Public Health, North West presented statistics on the COVID-19 prevalence within North West Region. In his presentation, according to data collected between January 27, 2022 and February 02, 2022, North West Region registered 61 new cases giving a total of 11 439 cummulatively confirmed cases, 01 new death  giving a total of 363 cummulatively confirmed deaths and 110 new recoveries with a cummulative recovery of 10 953 cases. He added that North West Region seconds the Centre Region in the highest number of pregnant women who died of corona virus.
Still during his presentation, Saho Raoul divulged that out of 25,085 people who took the first dose of sinopharm and AstraZeneca in the region, only 14,256 people went back for the second dose meanwhile a total of 47,583 people in the region have taken the monodose, Johnson and Johnson. Raoul emphasized that although statistics place North West Region slightly above the national average, it is important to step up communication strategies to get more people vaccinated.
MINCOM North West Boss facing the Press

In an interview with the press after the meeting, the Communication Regional Boss explained that to get communication to the widest audience possible, the Task Force has involved persons living with disabilities in the region through the Communication Focal Point of CUAPWD, Nsah Edwin.
                     Family Photo
The newly created  Regional Communication platform, it should be noted, is the brain child of the  Regional Delegate of Communication, North West and the Communication Focal Point Person, Regional Delegation of Public Health, North West.

By  Sandrine Moma


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