North West Regional Hospital gets Brand new CT Scan

Minister Manaouda giving his inaugural address
The Minister of Public Health, Dr Manaouda Malachie, yesterday Friday, February 25, 2022 inaugurated the Bamenda Regional Hospital's newly acquired CT scan machine of mark, siemens to replace the old one that had gone haywire.
The inaugural ceremony took place at the premises of the Regional Hospital, Bamenda, North West Region, in the presence of Governor LeLe Lafrique and other dignitaries  accompanying the Minister.
Cutting of the inaugural ribbon by the Minister
In his inaugural remark,  Minister Manaouda Malachie commended the tireless efforts of the entire health personnel of the North West Region for recognisable hard work, determination and commitment in the discharge of their duties, regardless of the current socio-political crisis plaguing the region. He affirmed that the Best Performance Award in the whole country recently received by the North West Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh on behalf of the Bamenda Regional Hospital was an award  well deserved. 
The minister promised granting special bonuses to all medical staff who have been tirelessly combating against COVID-19 since its presence in the Region. To augment the Bamenda Regional Hospital staff strength, Minister Manaouda pledged to employ and integrate all voluntary and support staff of the hospital.
In a parallel special message to the population of North West Region, the Minister further called on all  North Westerners to rise and ensure a total return to normalcy; with each and every one  being a messenger of peace in their different communities, for a better North West Region in particular and a better Cameroon as a whole. 
Minister Manaouda Malachie also made rounds to the hemodialysis centre where 08 brand new recently donated dialysis machines were presented to the August guest and his entourage. The delegation then continued to  the renovated and upgraded Intensive Care Unit of the Regional Hospital with oxygen piping and a bed increase from 06 to 10 donated by WHO, then to the newly constructed VIP 25-Bed modern medicalised isolation centre of the hospital. The Minister and his team equally had a brief stop at the North West Regional Delegation of Public Health.
             Mr.  Lucas Ngu Afong
In his welcome address, the 2nd Deputy City Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Mr.  Lucas Ngu Afong thanked Minister for  the new CT scan; stating that it will be  a great relief to the entire region as the population is now spared from the cost of traveling long distances to other regions for their imaging scans.
.                 Dr. Nsame Denis
On his part, in presenting the imaging centre, the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr. Nsame Denis highlighted that the new CT scan, an important diagnostic unit of the hospital will greatly impact the quality of healthcare services provided to the population. "Since its creation in 2014 and official inauguration in April 2015, this center has been functioning well until last two years that the machine broke down. In 2018,  718 scans were done, in 2019, 566 CT scans were carried out, in 2020, when the break down of the machine became acute, only 31 scans were done and in 2021, no CT Scan was done. And just within two months in 2022 that the new machine was acquired,  211 scans have been carried out already with the brand new upgraded 16 slice siemens machine." Dr Denis Nsame intimated.
The inauguration event that drew over 1200 persons from  all the nook and cranny of the North West Region was equally graced by the presence of many dignitaries such as the Public Independent Conciliator, President of the Regional Assembly, the SDO for Mezam, senior Healthcare Executives and many other top administrative authorities.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang


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