Fourth Round COVID-19 Vaccination Launch:MINSANTE North West Unrolls Strategies For Zero Infection

Dr Kingsley Che Soh, Regional Delegate Public Health

The North West Regional Delegation of Public Health under the aegis of Dr Che Kingsley Soh, the Regional Delegate of Public Health, North West has revealed a series of strategies to scale down COVID-19 infection and spread within North West Region to zero. 

This was during the Regional Launch of the fourth round COVID-19 vaccination campaign held at the Esplanade of the North West Governor’s Office on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.
Dignitaries present at the Launch

Targeting 16000 jabs between March 16, 2022 and March 20, 2022, when the vaccination campaign will end, Dr Che Soh intimated that provisions have been made for the various vaccines to be administered in the following places: health centres within the various health districts, the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Regional delegations and other institutions ranking as such, churches, markets, palaces and other public places within the region.
 According to the Regional Delegate of Public Health, this round of campaign strategically involves public places as a means to reach out to as many people as possible.
Presenting the epistemological situation of the region, the RDPH boss was happy to announce that the region has registered a significant improvement in the management of COVID-19 pandemic. “Last week, we recorded just 3 cases and we didn't record a case of death” the Regional Delegate observed, adding that the three cases were recorded in Bamenda, kumbo East and Ndu health districts. Though the situation is improving, his target is to scale down the infection rate within the region to zero. As he crisscrosses with his teams to the nooks and cranny of the region, he encourages the population to turn out massively for their vaccines.

The following persons are eligible for the various vaccines: all above 18 years, persons with comorbidity, persons who received the vaccines 06 months ago can go in for a booster jab, people of 50 years and above, health personnel etc. The vaccines adopted by the Government of Cameroon are: sinopharm, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Sputnik-V and pfizer but pregnant women can only receive pfizer.
Secretary General, NW Governor's Office

On his part, the representative of North West Governor, Viang Mekala who doubles as the Secretary General at the North west Governor’s Office called on the various stakeholders: the SDOs, Dos, traditional authorities, churches etc to galvanise the entire North West population for the vaccines. He equally advised the population to keep respecting Government’s prescribed barrier measures. This, to him, is the only way to completely kick out COVID-19 from North West Region.

The fourth vaccine campaign was crowned with vaccines administered to the Secretary General of the North West Governor’s office, the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Nsame Denis who preaching by examples, received their booster doses. Others followed suit. 
Dignitaries taking their booster doses

Equally present at the launch was the Regional Delegate of Communication for the North West who was there to ensure press coverage and subsequent region-wide sensitization and mobilization of the population through the various mediums for vaccines’ reception.
                    Vaccination stand
It was equally emphasized during the launch that, the different vaccines against Covid-19 do not prevent one from getting the virus but it reduces the risk of developing a severe disease if infected as well as reduces the rate of transmission.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor B and Sandrine Moma


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