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Fight against Road Accidents: Hon Malomba leads the crusade

Hon Malomba Esembe Under the banner of the Parliamentary Network on Road Safety (LEGIS-SECU-ROUTE), Hon Malomba Esembe Donald has embarked on a campaign that would see the number of road accidents along the high-way drastically reduced. The Buea Urban MP has called on all stakeholders no matter the social class, age group and place of residence to take the challenge of ensuring accident- related causes are mitigated. He made the call during a special plenary sitting chaired by the senior vice president of the National Assembly, Hon Hilarion Etong.The sitting on road safety also brought together the ministers of transport, Justice, Public health, public works, gendarmerie, finance, and the civil society to answer questions from the lawmakers. In his opening address, Hon Malomba Esembe, President of the Parliamentary Network on Road Safety saluted the esteemed collaboration between law makers and the government bench which he described as formidable. On the worrisome situation of road ac

Bambili: Tubah/Bafut MP, Agho Oliver visits scene of road sink, sympathizes with victims

Hon Agho Oliver and Tubah Mayor Hon. Agho Oliver, Member of Parliament for Tubah/Bafut, this Thursday morning made an on-the-spot visit and assessment of the distruction caused by the unfortunate sink caused by the heavy rains of yesterday, and that led to the obstruction of traffic and destruction of property. The Hon. MP was satisfied that all was quickly put in place for traffic to resume and that the local company charged with the road works was putting all in place to see to it that all ends well. Hon. Agho Oliver was however disappointed that the local contractor carrying the repair/reconstruction works has so far been high handed and not cooperating with local authorities of Tubah. He was concerned about reports presented to him by Tubah Council authorities that since the contractor started work, he has refused to collaborate with Tubah Council authorities. It was further revealed that the road sink could have been avoided if the contractor did not, in the course of opening up t

Operation Bui 1: 12 separatist fighters neutralised, camps destroyed

Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, commander of the 51st motorized infantry brigade has disclosed that 12 separatist fighters have neutralised, several camps destroyed and locally fabricated weapons retrieved in Bui Division by forces of law and order during an operation dubbed "Operation Bui 1". The information was disclosed to Brigadier General Nka Valere, commander of the 5th Joint military region and other military officials during a visit to Kumbo to evaluate the 8-days operation. The operation which lasted for 8-days saw the military destroying camps in Yelum, Verkovi, Tatum, Nkor and Kumbo. "General Asan" was also neutralised, others injured during the operation. During the process, a weapon manufacturing camp and a training camp was destroyed by the military and several locally fabricated weapons recovered. Speaking during the evaluation in Kumbo, Tuesday March 2, 2021, Brigadier General Nka Valere saluted the defense and security forces for their resilience in