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NW Regional Assembly, Smile Train engage community health workers to identify cleft cases

Participants at the workshop Some 84 community health workers in the North West region have been schooled on how to easily identify cleft lip and palate and offer cleft care to patients in their communities. This was the focus of a two-day workshop organized by Smile Train, a charitable organization, in partnership with the North West Regional Assembly. The training took place on Thursday September 28 and Friday 29 in Bamenda. The community health workers selected from  20 health districts in the North West region were drilled by experienced Doctors on the prevalence of cleft lip and palate in the North West region, challenges faced by cleft lip patients, identification and how to refer them for treatment and the use of cleft care companion application to register patients. Dr. Yaa Sakah Fondufe Lydia  Commissioner for Health and Social Development  Sitting in for the President of NWRA, the event was chaired by Hon. Dr. Yaa Fondufe Sakah Lydia, Commissioner for Health and Social Develo