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Minister Nalova Lyonga presiding over the official launch “DISTANCE EDUCATION IS THE BABY OF THE 2020/2021 SCHOOL YEAR” This is the key announcement, Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, made to the Education Community during the ceremony marking the solemn pedagogic resumption and the official launch of the 2020/2021 school year. On the occasion, all top ranking officials of the Ministry, including the Secretary-General, Prof  Fabien Nkot, the Inspector General of Education (IGE), Prof  Nsata Awoundja, the Inspector General of Services (IGS), Mr. Akat Fidelis, all Directors and Regional Delegates gathered around the Minister of Secondary Education at Government Bilingual Technical High School Nkolbisson, on Wednesday, 23 September 2020. As the Education Community braces up for the 2020/2021 school year, the Ministry of Secondary Education had to follow a longstanding tradition which is to provide both the balance sheet of the ending school year, and the guidelines for

Defence and Security Forces launch Operation "Bamenda Clean"

Recently, the population of Bamenda has witnessed frequent attacks perpetrated by terrorists and criminals. These attacks have lead to kidnappings, robbery of banks and stores, looting, wanton killings of civilians and members of the defence and security forces. Due to all these, an operation to secure the city of Bamenda and it's surroundings has been launched by the defense and security forces. Code-named operation "Bamenda Clean", it was launched Tuesday September 8, 2020. In a Press Release signed by Brigadier General Nka Valere, Commander of the 5th Joint Military region, Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine, commander of the 5th Joint Gendarmerie region and Police Commissioner Gousmo Emile, regional Delegate for National Security North West, the military officials described as "Unacceptable" the atmosphere of terror inposed and committed by these terrorists and criminals while calling on the population to collaborate with the defense and security forces thro

Breaking News Cameroon: Biya convenes the Electorate for Regional Elections on Sunday 6th December 2020

H.E President Paul Biya The Elections will take place at Divisional Headquarters. According to a communique signed today by the president, regional councellors shall convened in their chief towns on Sunday 6 December for the elections.  "voting shall begin at 8:00am and shall end at 6:00pm" states the communique  The Social Democratic Front party of John Fru Ndi and Cameroon Renaissance Movement of Maurice Kamto earlier announced that they won't take part in the up coming elections.

Bamenda: Population rejoices as Military neutralizes Fonteh aka "General" Mad Dog

Fonteh Lucas Ndefru a.k.a "General" Mad dog There has been jubilations in Bamenda in general and Ntamulung in particular following the killing of ambazonia fighter Fonteh Lucas Ndefru also known as "general" Mad Dog by a special squad of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, in the early hours of Sunday September 6, 2020. The mortal remains of Fonteh at city chemist round about Many inhabitants who spoke to Mincomnews NW at the scene expressed deep satisfaction and relief that general mad dog was killed. A resident of Ntamulung Quarter who requested not to be named explained that her brother had to run away from Bamenda after threats from Fonteh. "My brother had to close his business and run to Douala. Thank God he is now doing well. Lord thank you for this day." the resident exclaimed. "So yi too for fit die?" A passerby shouted in pidgin English The death of the amba 'general' was more of a relief to the Bamenda city dwellers of as s