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New Bui SDO Commissioned into Office.

Newly installed SDO, Mr Menyong Gilbert Sunday The new Senior Divisional Officer for Bui, Mr Menyong Gilbert Sunday was on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at the Tobin Municipal Stadium, Kumbo given the Command baton for the Division.  Commissioning the SDO into function, the Governor of North West Region, Mr Adolph  Lele Lafrique urged Mr Menyong to mobilise the population in order to bring back peace in Bui. This, the Governor asked the SDO to do through maximum cooperation between the security and the population. "The security officers can only succeed when the SDO, the security and the population work together", he affirmed. Mr Lele Lafrique equally set the SDO on the following tasks inter alia: to facilitate the return of all Bui indigenes who have fled home due to the crisis, continue appealing to the misguided youths of Bui who have picked up arms against the State to drop them and join the DDR centre that is already accommodating over 600 youths who have dropped arms, in