DONGA MANTUNG NWRA: Promoting youth empowerment and engagement through HILA Projects

Youths receiving their work tools

The Peace and Development committee for Donga Mantung, last Wednesday May 17, 2023, officially launched the  
Human high Intensity Labour Approach (HILA) project for Nwa Sub-Division. 

PDC members during the launch 
During the launch that took place at Nwa Community Hall, some 141 youth that have been selected as beneficiaries to work in the execution of the manual maintenance of the Nwa – Ntong communal road project in Nwa Sub Division,  Donga Mantung Division, were handed work tools for the realization of the said project. 

According to the Divisional coordinator for PDI, Donga Mantung,  Hon. Kalak Flavius Boteh,  this road project is to be realized to the tune of thirteen million, three hundred and seventy two thousand four hundred andfifty six (13,372,456) FCFA, where in the sum of 6,292, 920 FCFA shall be for the supply of durable equipment for the realization of the project and  7,079,536 FCFA for the beneficiaries who effectively carry out the project. The durable equipment provided for these 141 youths included Wheelbarrows,  spades, dig axes, Rain boots, Engineering caps and jackets etc. 

Expressing gratitude to the Regional Assembly through PDC Nwa, Mr Aloys, one of the beneficiaries said "I am very grateful  for such an initiative by the Regional Assembly, it has helped me and many other youths in our community to gain employment in our own community. And this will fetch us resources to pay fees for our children and set up petty businesses. So I really thank the Regional Assembly for its PDI"

The Peace and Development Initiative of the North West Regional Assembly has as vision to build peace and drive socio-economic development through community driven decentralized activities, a way to rebranding a new North-West. It is a  project aimed to be carried out through community driven decentralized activities with the hope to build peace in Nwa Sub Division. 

Also, it has always been the vision of the President of the North-West Regional Assembly, Prof. Fru Fobuzshi ANGWAFO III to promote solidarity,  social cohesion, citizen participation and improved livelihoods which are the pillar stone for the  construction of the new North-West Region where in  everyone counts and is counted and we grow together as one united fabric as our proverbial slogan clearly states; “U na Mi, Mi na U, Wi bi Wi”.


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