May 20: NWRA and Customs sector consolidate National Unity

The 51st edition of the National day, May 20, 2023, culminated with a joint sumptuous family feast shared by staff of Regional Assembly and Customs sector staff in the Auditorium of the Assembly.

Customs and Regional Assembly staff
Looking closely at this year’s National day celebration theme, “Defence Forces and the Cameroonian People, in harmony to safeguard Peace and National Unity, bedrock of a strong and prosperous Cameroon”, it can be ascertained that the communion during the
joint feast between the North West Customs sector and the Regional Assembly is a manifestation of this strong theme given that the customs service in the region represents Defense and Security force as ordained recently by HE Paul Biya; while the Regional Assembly stands for the Cameroonian people.

Chief of Customs sector NW, Epie Jerome
Speaking during the event, the North West Customs sector Chief, Epie Jerome, said,
"This year's National Day theme, perfectly suits our present context in the region, because we all, be you military or civilian need one another in solidarity, peaceful co-existence and social cohesion, in order to survive the trying times we find ourselves in that creates untold suffering to the population and keeps draining our limited resources."

Assuring the Regional Assembly that the customs sector shall spare no efforts to be at the service of the Assembly for Nationhood and while celebrating the new found friendship and collaboration between the Customs Administration and the North West Regional Assembly, the North West Customs sector Chief, Epie Jerome, highlighted on the just recently signed service order by the Director General of Customs,
creating a special partnership with the North West Regional Assembly in the fields of local revenue collection, customs facilitation in agricultural imputs acquisition, border security and international health regulation. A partnership that could kickstart with the creation of a Dry Port in the region.

He further intimated that the Director General of Customs, Edwin Fongod Nuvaga has also to created a bilateral team charged with  elaborating a formal collaborative and supportive framework between the Customs Administration and the Regional Assembly  and the first session of this committee shall be held on the 24th of May 2023.  The fruits of this  bilateral relationship promise to be immeasurable to the entire population of the North West Region.

President NWRA, Prof. Fru Fobuzshi ANGWAFO III 
In his address, the President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof. Fru Fobuzshi ANGWAFO III, Welcomed the Customs sector and thanked them for sharing a fraternal meal with them on a special day as this. Prof. Angwafo III, also indicated that the North West Regional Assembly is ever ready to source the expertise and the partnership cooperation of the customs sector for the re-branding of the new North West Region.

Talking to staff of the  Customs sector (Fanny) and the Regional Assembly (Emmanuel), on how they enjoyed the joint feast,  they said:
“Feasting together is something that unites us all and sitting down to share a meal or drink is one of the simplest, yet most beautiful ways to show we care for one another." We are so happy for the initiative of our Chief of sector to feast with the Regional Assembly.  It's an example of peaceful co-existence between the civilians and Security forces "  Fanny stated.

"Whether it’s a family get together or a meal shared with strangers, feasting together can make life truly better. And that's exactly what the Customs and Regional Assembly have demonstrated here today. In addition to the gorgeous nourishment that eating together provides, it’s also a chance to connect with others and take the time to understand what is going on in their own world.” Emmanuel declared.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang 


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