DISCOVERY:Experience some Touristic Attractions of NWR

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor B.

Having Tourism as one of the competencies transfered by the State to the Regions in the Decentralisation process, the North West Regional Assembly is committed to making Tourism a structuring project for its economy. NWRA is envisaging a responsible Tourism approach aimed at transforming the Region into a hospitable Touristic destination where local sustainable development directly benefits our communities.

The North West Region of Cameroon has attractive touristic potentials, rich culture and natural landscapes that makes it a 'must visit' tourist destination for thousands. We invite you to discover Fondoms and Museums, Mountains and Natural sites, Where to stay when you are in the Region, relaxation and leisure sites etc. The unique architectural patterns of the fondoms marked by small conned shaped buildings and shrines in some palaces (Atsum) are an awe to behold. 

A vibrant Region as this is also the most Lively  Region of the country, where the Hardworking population of the Region love to chill out and relax after work. Have a view of 'Bamenda by night'

You can never have accomodation problems in the North West Region with good hotels like Ayaba, Blue Pearl, Mawa and a whole host of others   across the 7 Divisions of the Region.

Some of the villages organize end of year sporting activities and  festivals showcasing their diverse beautiful  cultures, traditions and sacred societies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take an excursion, vacation or touristic trip to the Ndawara tea Estate in Boyo Division, Kilum  mountain Forest reserve in Bui Division, Dumbo cattle Ranch in Donga Mantung, Lake Awing in Mezam Division, Menchum Falls, Abbi Falls in Momo Division,  Lake Bambalang in Ngoketunjia,  beautiful crater lakes and sceneries etc. It's always a pleasure and delight to   show you around our beautiful Region.

Welcome to the North West Region of Cameroon.

Photo Credit: Tilarious Atia


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